Monday, April 20, 2015

toothbrush mat

Recently we've been feeling a little crunched for counter space in the kid's bathroom.  

So we headed out & bought an Ikea shelf.  

Wouldn't you know it, that shelf top/counter space immediately looked too bare for my liking!  
Plus with the inevitable wetness from the toothbrushes, etc... I decided it needed a colorful mat!  

So I whipped this one out without deliberating over fabric choices.  I just grabbed, cut, slid that Juki lever up to the bunny setting, and let it rip!  

   The back fabric from Ikea and the top are kona solids.  It finishes somewhere around 17" x 15" and fits nicely on the top of the shelf.  It's the perfect spot for the toothbrush cup, toothpaste, mouthwash, cup, etc... 

It was nice to have a happy little finish.  Especially since I've been working and haven't been able to do much quilting lately. 

Thanks for stopping in!  Have a great day...  

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