Thursday, May 28, 2015

just Molly from the block



We are celebrating our 50th block party this summer!  I thought it would be fun to incorporate all the last names of the neighbors into a commemorative quilt.

I know it won't get much use, but I was motivated to do it anyway.

I made it 8 feet by 30 inches.
It could be a table runner, picnic blanket, or just a banner for decoration.
 I paper pieced the little houses and driveways using a simple design I made myself.  Since I didn't trust my own handwriting:  I picked a font, printed all the last names onto paper, and traced the names (looking through the fabric) in pencil onto the 'driveways.'  Then I embroidered the names.

The years and street name are pieced.  I wanted to just go for it and see what happened if I improvised.  I used mostly scraps from the blocks to piece them together.

Here's a look at my BASTING process:
First I spread out the backing fabric right side down.  I spread it out smooth and tape all around the perimeter.  Because this one is so long it's hanging off the back end.  I like to use the table if at all possible, but the bigger ones have to be basted on the floor.

Then I spread out the batting nice and flat.  
Next I place the quilt top on and spread it all nice and smooth. Watch the sides to be sure you're all lined up.  Then I pin away!  I use the specially-crooked safety pins and go to town, pinning all over.  Then I trim the sides an inch or two away from the quilt top and take it back to the machine for quilting.

With this one I originally wanted to heavily quilt the whole thing, but the embroidered names got in the way.  I decided to heavily quilt the middle in a free-motion/straight line/almost mazelike design.  The rest of the quilt is ditch stitched.

The backing is a black and white cross-hatch.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my weird quilt!  Have a great day...


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I had such an amazing time creating this twin sized quilt for my grandmother that I just want to share it with a wider audience.  The quilt itself is nothing revolutionary in terms of design and the construction isn't as perfect as it could have been.

But for me the process of making this quilt was so very special and heartwarming.

I loved soliciting signatures by mail, learning to embroider just to do the signatures, thinking about each family member as I worked on each block, and I loved giving it to my grandmother. 

I put a lot into it and I hope you enjoy its story.  Check out the lengthy original blog post with many more pictures here.

Thanks for stopping in!