Thursday, May 28, 2015

just Molly from the block



We are celebrating our 50th block party this summer!  I thought it would be fun to incorporate all the last names of the neighbors into a commemorative quilt.

I know it won't get much use, but I was motivated to do it anyway.

I made it 8 feet by 30 inches.
It could be a table runner, picnic blanket, or just a banner for decoration.
 I paper pieced the little houses and driveways using a simple design I made myself.  Since I didn't trust my own handwriting:  I picked a font, printed all the last names onto paper, and traced the names (looking through the fabric) in pencil onto the 'driveways.'  Then I embroidered the names.

The years and street name are pieced.  I wanted to just go for it and see what happened if I improvised.  I used mostly scraps from the blocks to piece them together.

Here's a look at my BASTING process:
First I spread out the backing fabric right side down.  I spread it out smooth and tape all around the perimeter.  Because this one is so long it's hanging off the back end.  I like to use the table if at all possible, but the bigger ones have to be basted on the floor.

Then I spread out the batting nice and flat.  
Next I place the quilt top on and spread it all nice and smooth. Watch the sides to be sure you're all lined up.  Then I pin away!  I use the specially-crooked safety pins and go to town, pinning all over.  Then I trim the sides an inch or two away from the quilt top and take it back to the machine for quilting.

With this one I originally wanted to heavily quilt the whole thing, but the embroidered names got in the way.  I decided to heavily quilt the middle in a free-motion/straight line/almost mazelike design.  The rest of the quilt is ditch stitched.

The backing is a black and white cross-hatch.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my weird quilt!  Have a great day...


ps-I'll be linking up with Finish it up Friday at crazymomquilts tomorrow.


  1. Very creative! I love the little houses and all the color. I baste the same way but use thread instead of pins. God bless the inventor of that blue tape!

  2. How creative! I never would have thought of this. It makes a wonderful runner.