Friday, April 3, 2015

Tooth Fairy Pillow

The time has come for my daughters to get their very own tooth fairy pillows.  I made this one for my son a long time ago and was happy to find the same pattern hanging around in the bottom of a drawer in my sewing closet.  (Not that it is an overly complicated pattern, but I've always really liked the shape of this tooth.) 

Each girl got to pick out a fabric for her pocket.  I also changed the pattern just a bit to include a ribbon, which acts as a door knob handle.  ...You know, because sometimes the tooth fairy has a hard time digging under the pillows of sleeping children and she'd like to have the option of just going to the door to deliver the goods instead.  ;)

So here's a quick little explanation of how I put these together:

1.  Cut out two teeth (a front and a back)

2. Make the pocket--two wrong sides together, stitch around three sides, turn right side out

3. Stitch the raw side of the pocket down on the tooth, iron up flat

4. Stitch pocket to tooth.  Down, across, up.  Backstitch on both sides near opening.  (Leave top open.)

5. Place wrong sides together (if adding ribbon, tuck it safely between the two right sides, leave a little bit hanging up past where you'll stitch.  that part will be flipped into the inside later.)  Stitch around, but leave a section approx 2 inches unstitched (for turning right side out).

6.  Turn right side out.

7. Stuff the pillow (I realized I was out of regular fill so I used my rotary cutter to shred some scrap quilt batting and that worked like a charm.)

8.  Pinch together the stuffing hole and sew over the top, backstitching on each end.  Or hand stitch it closed.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


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  1. Very cute pillow. I am sure any six-year-old+ will love it and keep it for a long time.
    Jane in KS