Monday, September 29, 2014

Russian Waves Quilt

Here's my finished quilt!  I love how it turned out with the black and solids (and one red polka dot fabric).  It's bold, but still cute I think.  The Russian nesting doll fabric is fun, and I picked the solids to match.

I pieced this in blocks with the black square in the middle and 12 triangles around it making up one big block.  Can you see the blocks?  If I did it again I would do it differently.  I would make a block with the black center and only four of the triangles (sort of like an economy block).  Then I would make a block with the four multicolored half-square-triangles.  Then alternate them to make the exact same design.  Can you see it?  Then the half-square-triangle points would have been easier to match up.   

Thanks for taking a look! 


  1. I think you're right; it would be easier to match the points that way. The quilt is awesome, so visual with the perfect backing! Fun to build a quilt around a backing first!

  2. This is so cool. I like your idea of how to simplify the blocks for next time. Makes total sense. I especially love your backing fabric. So sweet!

  3. That backing is PERFECT!!! I also agree that the black works wonders for smoothing out the aesthetic of the quilt. Lovely finish!

    I also love your reflection about the making of the quilt. I spent a few years as a teacher before becoming a full-time mom, and one of the biggest things I learned is the importance of that reflection, "what would I do differently? what did I like?" phase. Thank you for including that thought process.

  4. Wow, what a fab quilt! It's one of the most unique modern style ones I've seen in a long while (getting sick to death of all that white!!!) :)