Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rewind Quilt


This was my first time piecing curves and my first go around with spiral quilting.


It all started with the 80s-erific cassette tape fabric.  

I had my own nostalgic mix tape of 80s thoughts running through my head while making this one.


I made my own templates from paper.  

As best as I can tell, the important thing to remember when planning for curved piecing is remembering to factor in the seam allowance on the curved sides.

I'm used to cutting out squares and triangles.  So cutting these odd shapes made me feel wasteful with my fabric.

Sewing them together is a bit goofy.  I pinned down the middle and the ends and a few in between for good measure. 

Ironing them flat is SO much fun though--like a little magic trick.


I thought quilting a double spiral would be a great idea--inspired by the winding/unwinding sides of the tape in a cassette.  I probably should have realized that the shifting fabric was going to be a problem.  I wish I had done a single spiral.  It got a little hairy in the middle there!  Oh well, trying new things is fun.  You live, you learn.  I'm happy with how it turned out.

I used my walking foot and just went very slow at the beginning, taking a stitch or two at a time. 




The Kona solid colors that I used in this are:  heliotrope, pansy (purples), chartreuse, sour apple, fern (greens), robin egg, lagoon (blues), punch, melon (pinks), shadow (light gray), and coal (dark gray binding).

You can't really tell in the pictures, but I used a variegated thread (pastel blue, pink, yellow, green).

It's meant to be a curl-up-on-the-couch kind of quilt in the winter and a laying-in-the-grass-for-a-picnic-or-whatever kind of quilt for the summer.  Which means it's slightly bigger than usual for me, finishing at just under 60" square.

Thanks for stopping in!  Have a great day...


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  1. Love it! It's so bright and cheerful and your curves are perfect! Nice work!

  2. I love this finish! Bright, bold and the quilting is so cool! Great job!

  3. I've been doing my first curved sewing this past week and when it works out you're totally right the ironing part is just like doing a magic trick. These large curves are just wonderful and the fact that you curved the corners of the quilt is just the perfect icing on this curved cake! Did you use bias binding to make binding the curved corner easier?

  4. Thanks! Yes, I used bias binding for the rounded corners. That's almost like it's own little magic trick too because cutting the bias binding is tricky and weird, but when it rounds those corners so easily it's really fun!