Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Puffy Pencil Pointer

Puffy Pencil Pointers!

One day my kindergartener was excitedly talking about the selection of pointers used in her classroom at calendar time.  I thought it might be fun to create some fun, pencil shaped pointers for both my daughter's classrooms for Christmas. They went together very quickly.  My girls had a lot of fun playing with them before giving them to their teachers! 


Make sure you  have a dowel rod or pvc pipe.  Cut it to size (mine is 16 inches).

Cut fabrics.  I cut mine 6 inches wide and long enough for the dowel rod to fit comfortably inside. (approximate cut lengths: black-1.25", tan-2.5", yellow-11", metal-3", pink-2")

Sew fabrics together.

Fold in half lengthwise.  

Stitch around in shape of pencil (see below).  Leave a section toward the end unsewn for stuffing.    Make sure the part you left unsewn is far back enough to allow your dowel rod in.  

Cut away extra fabric.  Turn right side out.

Roll the dowel or section of pvc in quilt batting.  The batting should be a bit longer than the rod on each end so it fills in the end spaces. 

Before stuffing, I wrapped the batting tip in tape in order to secure the batting for its trip all the way down to the black tip of the pencil.

Stitch the opening closed. 

 Voila--Puffy Pencil Pointer!
  My girls really seem to enjoy the eraser! 

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  1. This is the cutest thing ever!! Thanks! As a teacher, I much appreciate it. :)