Monday, August 11, 2014

crossed canoes

Earlier this year I decided to try paper piecing.  I searched the internet for an interesting and easy-seeming block.  I was delighted to find this blog where Kim posted 365 printable paper piecing blocks!  Perfect.  What an awesome resource!  The one called crossed canoes caught my eye.  Here is my finished baby quilt--I call it sunny canoes:

After I finished it I wanted to try the block again with more, smaller blocks with a white background.  So I got to work with these:

I wasn't excited when I laid out the blocks in the traditional placement so I experimented...   a lot...  and asked for advice...  and then put it away for a while. 

Then I thought of a new layout, which I knew was the one.  So I sewed the blocks together fast before I changed my mind!  Here's the finished baby quilt--I call it drip drop.

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