Friday, January 8, 2016

Quilted, Lined Coin Purse Tutorial

 While shopping for the lanyard hardware my youngest saw the hardware for a coin purse and was smitten.  I thought it was worth a shot.  
Here's how I put this together for her:

Cut out a template whatever size you think looks good.  
Notch it out a 1/4 inch above the pivoting point. 
Cut out two outside pieces and two liner pieces.
The liner pieces should be about 1/4 inch smaller than the outside pieces.  

"Quilt" the outside pieces to a piece of cotton batting.  
This is just TWO layers--batting and one layer of fabric.  Cut off excess.

Sew around the bottom of each set.  RIGHT sides together.  (You will not turn the liner pieces, which is why they should start 1/4 inch smaller.)

Turn the outside pieces and stuff the liner pouch into the outside pouch.

Sew together around the top to secure in place.

Stuff the edge into the hardware and stitch in place with thread.  
You have to maneuver the needle up and through from the inside because there are no holes on the inside.  
It seems odd, but it's not too tricky once your doing it.

Stuff with coins.... or a toy cell phone, mini mirror, beaded necklaces, plastic lipstick, etc... 

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