Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quilty Little Secrets

Amy, who blogs at 13 spools, has invited others to share their 10 quilty little secrets.  I don't have 10, but I thought it would be fun--especially since I just started blogging--to share some personal thoughts...  

1.  I don't have a quilt on my own bed!  (the down comforter predates my hobby.)

2.  I like designing my own quilts and just going for it.  I'm surprised there is a big market for pre-made quilt patterns, but to each their own.

3.  Learning the hard way is fine by me.  I do things the way that make sense for me.  I consult youtube when I meet obstacles.
4.  Mini quilts aren't for me.  I guess they make great wall art.

5.  Blogging creeps me out a little bit.  That I-know-you but I've-never-met-you thing just feels weird to me.  (I'm not on facebook either.)  But it's so fun to see what other people are doing!  I'm very inspired by others.

edited#6.  After what I took as a somewhat condescending comment from a reader (further cementing my #5 feelings) I decided I needed to reword my number six:   When meeting new people, it feels a little odd disclosing to them that I am a quilter.  I know only about two people in real life who even use a sewing machine.  I don't think everyone knows how cool, fresh, and modern quilting can be.

7.  So far, I think my mom is the only one following my blog!  (Hi mom!)

Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Haha Molly. I could have written those secrets myself. I don't even have a blog! Your quilts are gorgeous and your start-from-the-back strategy is genius. I am definitely giving that a go as choosing the backing and binding is always tricky for me once the top is done. Thanks for sharing. Clare x

  2. I love the chain of hearts quilt.

  3. You're afraid of what others will think of quilting lol ?
    That under your cute exterior lurks a grandmotherly type who rocks? Is sewing cool or not in your crowd? As you get older you won't care as much. I just say I'm an artist and my media is fabric. Interesting that you blog but feel uncomfortable with blogging too. You are too young to know Popeye the cartoon, but he always said, I yam what I yam! You too! and it's an interesting woman. LeeAnna at not afraid of color